GCYAA Football

Varsity Football

Varsity football is available for 12 to 14 year olds as of September 1st of the calendar year.  14 year olds must NOT be entering 9th grade OR enrolled in high school.  .

Weight:  12-13 year olds is 175 lbs.  Restricted weight is 195 lbs.

Weight:  14 year olds is 135 lbs.  Restricted weight is 145 lbs.

Head Coach: TBD

Practices: TBD

Players must be on time, in practice gear and ready to work.  Make sure to bring your water!!

First day of practice: TBD

Players must complete 3 days of conditioning prior to getting helmets & pads


2020 Varsity Cheer
2021 Varsity Football
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